Safe Air For Everyone (SAFE)

The Safe Air for Everyone (SAFE) Campaign aims to prevent pesticide air pollution in California and support a safe and sustainable farming system that protects the health of farmworkers, their families, other directly affected communities and the environment. In moving towards this vision, the SAFE Campaign’s goals are to:

  • Phase out all fumigant and other hazardous pesticides that drift into the air.
  • Improve air quality by reducing pesticide use.
  • Establish state and local regulatory structures that are accountable to affected communities on pesticide drift issues.
  • Affirm and protect the public’s right to know about the use and effects of pesticide air pollutants.

The SAFE Campaign works to change local and statewide policy on pesticides in the air through grassroots organizing, policy advocacy and legal action.

Read more about CPR’s victories to protect communities from pesticide exposure.

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